DMR Hotspot

Special Notice: The administrators at now require a password that is NOT the default passw0rd on your MMDVM or Homebrew Hotspot users (which includes OpenSpot, Pi-Star, BlueDV, ZumSpot, etc.) hotspot or repeater login. If your hotspot/repeater stopped working, click here to find out all of the details on how to set up the password. Brandmeister states they will have all of the default passwords removed by 10/1/2021, so your equipment may quit working sometime before then.

Special Notice: Brandmeister has announced that it will be shutting down its 3101 New York server on December 1, 2021. They are suggesting 3101 users transition to the 3104 Chicago server now.
3102 – Dallas, TX –
3103 – San Jose, CA –
3104 – Chicago, IL –
Check your repeater! or hotspot and if it’s using 3101, make the switch today!

Hot Spots

This is just a fancy slang word for you own personal repeater at your house! These allow you to highly target talk groups so you don’t keep a local repeater busy while you talk to your favorite talk group. Many hotspots are able to do more than just DMR so spend some time doing some homework here! There is a slight learning curve here but we highly suggest looking into pistar and make sure your hotspot is capable of running that software!