TARC Repeater Systems

The TARC UHF Link System

The TARC Repeater System

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TARC: Club Repeaters

All repeaters have a PL tone of 88.5 except if noted differently

East Tulsa, OK 145.170 TARC
Central to West, Tulsa, OK 145.110 TARC
Mannford, OK 147.045 TARC
Mannford, OK 442.000 TARC
Tulsa, OK 443.750 Analog / Fusion TARC
Cavenal Mt. 442.250 Ft. Smith Club
Decatur, AR 442.850 - PL 123.0 Local Area Ham
Tulsa, OK 443.000 D-Star [No Network yet] TARC
Muskogee, OK 443.100 Local Area Club
Edmond 443.925 KOSU Engineering
Tulsa, OK 443.850 (UHF Gateway) TARC
Stillwater, OK 444.525 Stillwater ARC
Daisy, OK 442.400  (Linked as needed) McAlester Hams
Mounds, OK 444.600 TARC
McAlester, OK 444.625 McAlester Hams
Ponca City, OK 444.700 Local Area Hams
Bartlesville, OK 444.425   Bartlesville ARC
Ketchum, OK 444.875 Bartlesville ARC
Fayetteville, AR 444.925 Local Area Hams
Tulsa, OK 224.38 output / 222.78 input / 88.5PL TARC

Six Meter
Tulsa, OK 53.150  (51.450 input with 88.5 PL) TARC

The TARC UHF Linked System

This repeater system is a stable platform to be used in times of emergencies by Amateur Radio Operators. It is designed to support the same area that the National Weather Service and Salvation Army cover. At this time, the system covers about 50,000 square miles of eastern Oklahoma, the southern edge of Kansas and western Arkansas; The central hub repeater is in Tulsa. The system extends to the north and east, to Bartlesville and Ketchum and Decatur, AR,

To the west the link has machines in Mannford, Ponca City, Stillwater and North Edmond. To the south and east there are sites at Mounds, Muskogee, Tahlequah, Cavenal Mountain near Poteau, Fort Smith, McAlester, Blu Mountain near Enterprise and Daisy OK.

The TARC manages and controls the system from the gateway repeater in east Tulsa on 443.85-Mhz. In Tulsa, this repeater system can link with two VHF repeaters for local Nets. The systems primary, designated use is for Weather Nets and wide area community support. A complete list of all the linked repeaters and their current status follows.

The system is open for use to all Amateur Operators at all times except during controlled nets, when traffic is directed through the Control Operator(s). TARC reserves the right to control this system and all systems linked to it.

PLEASE, NO LINKING OR VHF CROSSBAND LINKS, Base or Mobiles, are allowed without prior consent of the Master Control Operator. This practice is strictly enforced during emergencies. Equipment that is added to the system must meet TARC 's Technical Standards or it will not be allowed on the system. The reason for these requirements is to uphold the integrity of the system. Please contact Gregg Wonderly for Equipment and or Standards.

This system has been proven to work well with a 30-watt mobile radio and dual band 5/8 wave antenna. Base stations have greater access to the system.

We would like to take this opportunity to give "a big thanks" to KJRH (channel 2) and KTUL (channel 8) for tower space to place our link system antennas.

Operating questions
Master Operator, Gregg Wonderly, W5GGW

If you or your club would like to link into the system and/or your area is in a strategic location to provide beneficial coverage, please call us for more information. Additional financial support for this project is also being sought to help expand the coverage area.

    TARC: Wide-Area Link System

    1. Tulsa Gateway East of Tulsa, OK 443.850
    2. Bartlesville SE of Bartlesville, OK 444.425
    3. Mannford Mannford, OK 442.000
    4. Mounds Mounds, OK 444.600
    5. McAlester, OK McAlester, OK 444.625
    6. Fort Smith, AR Cavenal Mountain 442.250

    8. Decatur, AR Decatur, AR 442.850 - PL 123.0
    9. Fayetteville, AR Fayetteville, AR 444.925
    10. Muskogee Muskogee, OK 443.100
    11. Ketchum Ketchum, OK 444.875
    13. Daisy South of McAlester, OK (Lnk as needed) 442.400
    14. Ponca City, OK Ponca City, OK 444.700
    15. Stillwater, OK Stillwater, OK 444.525
    16. Edmond, OK Edmond, OK 443.925
    Tulsa, OK 41st & Lynn Lane 145.170
    Tulsa, OK Lookout Mountain 145.110
    Mannford, OK Mannford 147.045

    TARC: DMR System

    1. Tulsa South South of Tulsa, OK 442.1625 CC2
    2. Tulsa Central Tulsa, OK 442.475 CC2
    3. Mannford Mannford, OK 444.4500 CC1
    4. Mounds Mounds, OK 444.850 CC1
    5. Keetonville* Keetonville, OK 442.350 CC1
    6. Ft. Gibson* Ft. Gibsom, OK 442.125 CC1
    7. Bartlesville* Bartlesville, OK
    444.475 CC2
    8. Hogshooter* Hogshooter, OK 442.1875 CC1
    9. Big Cabin* Big Cabin, OK 443.825 CC1
    10. Depew* Depew, OK 444.375 CC1
    11. Ponca City* Ponca City, OK 444.750 CC1
    * = Affiliated Repeaters not owned by TARC
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