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Field Day 2000

Check out a great Field Day logging program

Tulsa Amateur Radio Club Converts Chandler Park to Field Day Paradise
The weather was great - most of the time. We got our equipment set up without any serious problems; we talked with friends and family; we participated in a contest called Field Day. Field Day 2000 was a tremendous success for Tulsa Amateur Radio Club. Mark's tower
Without antennas, there would be no Field Day. This one worked great.
Operating with the special Field Day call sign, W5OK, club members and guests made contacts all across the country calling "CQ CQ Field Day CQ CQ CQ Whiskey 5 Oscar Kilo"
 Planning the setup
Friends get together at Field Day 2000.
Setup went smoothly although there were a few trips here and there to find the odd connector for the rig or a tablet for logging. When everything was set up, Chandler Park looked as if it had sprouted tall metal grass.
Protection from the weather
This was one way to try to beat the heat and occasional rain.

The operators chose various methods of protection from the sun from air conditioned motor homes to a screen room with 360 degrees of air. No matter what the cover, everyone made contacts galore, ate lots of barbeque, and drank gallons of water and soft drinks.


Disaster service needs the cooperation of many groups and several were with us on this Field Day. The Tulsa County Sheriff's Department did a great job with security; the Salvation Army from Sand Springs brought all the cold water and soft drinks we could hold; the National Weather Service provided information on flash floods and nasty weather; Creek County Civil Emergency Management brought their lights so we could see after the sun went down; and the Life Flight helicopter provided a spectacular landing and an opportunity for all to see, up close, what is involved in their part of an emergency.

Life Flight helicopter at FD 2000
The Life Flight helicopter lands in the middle of Field Day 2000.

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