Tulsa Amateur Radio Club

Field Day 2003

TARC Has Successful Field Day in 2003

Ray Klotz, K5RAY

As they say in sports, this one is in the history books. Field Day 2003 is over and TARC completed the 24-hour exercise at Chandler Park. This year W5IAS operated at as 4-A station. The "4" represented the four transmitters we had on the air. The "A" represented the use of non-commercial power... a generator. Field Day is about demonstrating emergency communications, mobilizing were needed, training radio operators and making contacts. We had a successful Field Day!

As usual this time of the year, propagation has something to be desired. 10m & 80m were non-existent. 15m was open on Saturday, but gone on Sunday. 20m was open for business as usual. The surprise was 40m. This band was open big time. Once the exercise began, the stations on 40 were piled up. Several people commented about the 3 KHz wide stations all sitting 1 KHZ apart.

We logged contacts on 40m SSB, 20m SSB, 15m SSB, 40m CW, 20m CW and 20m PSK31. Ed Meyer, WG5F logged 56 QRP CW contacts using a rig that was solar powered and running only 3.6 watts. One Sunday morning, Charles Bryce, KD5UOH, only licensed a short time, took to 40m SSB and logged over 80 contacts. Seventy PSK31 contacts were made on 20m using only 40 watts. Of those, 46 contacts were logged by Carrie Eimer, KD5WXE. She has had her license for three weeks. Dad Jay, KD5WLX, must be proud!

Thirty-seven people attended our Field Day event with at least a half dozen of those being visitors. One visitor was KFAQ News Reporter, Danial Karnes. Danial spent a couple of hours with us and during that time also spent some time trying out 40m. Danial contributed 6 contacts to our log. Now we just need to get him licensed.

We had one special guest. Our West Gulf Division ARRL Director, Coy Day, N5OK, stopped by to present us with an "ARRL Emergency Communications Commendation" certificate. He and the Oklahoma Section Manager John Thomason, WB5SYT were visiting every club they could.

On Sunday morning, Brad Davis, KD5WBH, stopped by with breakfast. All those in attendance were treated to biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, juice and milk. A very special thanks to Brad. Brad too is a new ham having passed his test in early April.

The points total has not yet been tabulated, but with band conditions the way they were and the number of operators and stations on the air we did good. We will receive several bonuses as well for the Field Day Bulletin, a public information table, a demonstration mode (ATV), being in a public place, 'natural power' operation, and more. The final tally will be announced on the net when available and at the July 15th meeting.

We made contacts. Everyone there had fun. New hams and guests had a chance to work HF. Did I mention everyone there had fun? And we once again demonstrated that we are able to mobilize and provide emergency communications.