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Field Day

The TARC has one of the best field days in the West Gulf Division

Every year several emergency service organizations participate with us: Life Flight; DMAT; the Salvation Army; and others. Take a look at what we do:

Life flight

We have Life Flight participate with us.
Here's our site as Life Flight approached, with downtown Tulsa in the background!

Field Day site

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army was out supporting our efforts just as we support theirs in times of disaster.
Charlie Calhoun, K5TTT running a pileup on 20 SSB.

K5TTT on the radio


With three element monobanders on 10 and 15 we didn't have much trouble getting out. Tim Diehl, KB5ZVC, the club trustee is our appointed tower monkey. You can see the Glenpool Fire Department generator in the background, right of the motorhome.

Robert Bone, N5XBE, logging for Charlie Calhoun, Sr., W0RRY, with son Charlie Jr., K5TTT and Kelly Blake, KC5IGV looking on. The tarps kept the rain away.

Group of hams
Communications trailer
This is the Salvation Army's Disaster & Communications trailer which the club has equipped for emergency use. We can run 160-2 on all modes using this trailer on the scene of an emergency. It is equipped with 650ah of batteries and can also be hooked up to external AC.

Here's another shot of our site, overlooking Keystone Lake just west of Tulsa.

Field Day site

Driveway We have run a Mosely tri-bander on 20 cw from our tower trailer. You can also see the Amoco generator and our VHF/UHF tower in the background.

We really enjoy our Field Day. We have had many other emergency groups participate with us, here are a few...

  • Salvation Army
  • Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT)
  • Creek County Civil Emergency Management
  • Tulsa Life Flight from St. Francis Hospital
  • Glenpool Fire Department

We run 7 stations that count towards the ARRL number of stations: 20 & 40 CW; and 10, 15, 20, 40, & 80 SSB. The bonus stations are: Novice 10m SSB; Packet; VHF/UHF; Satellite; and packet. In Tulsa there is a rebroadcast of the Channel 6, KOTV, weather radar over ATV that we also monitor since FD falls right at the end of tornado season.

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