The Great Tulsa Bike Ride 
By Dave Lugo, W5TAZ

It was a beautiful day for a long, scenic bike ride through our little corner of Green Country.  Most the riders were up early and preparing themselves for just that task.  Making sure all the little details were attended to, air pressure in the tires was checked for perfection.  Chains were oiled for a hard day of riding, and all the riders were making sure all the necessary adjustments were done on their equipment, as they were off for the Great Tulsa Bike Ride for the year 2001.

The Tulsa Amateur Radio Club was preparing for the day as well.  Although we weren't oiling any chains or pumping up any tires, the volunteers that worked the bike ride had their own preparations to make.  Early in the morning most were gathering up those last few pieces of equipment and heading out.  All the volunteers met at the Amphitheater on the west side of the Arkansas River at about 21st and Jackson.  They all drew their assigned locations and headed out to get set up.

Here is a list of those who volunteered their time, energy and gas for this event: Eddie, KD5JGA, the vice president of the TARC and his wife Stephanie, KD5JMD.  Dave, KC5SEO, and Mr. DXer extraordinaire,  Mark, KD5DLL, Hannah, KD5NAO, and her dad George, AC5WX, who is the TARC club president,  Doug, KC5ZQM, Richie, W5OKL, Rick, KD5DLM, DX Dan the Dipole Man, WG5Z, Jerry, KD5OEK, Sean, KD5MFQ, Tom, KB5HMZ, and his wife Miss Becky, KC5MXI.  Jim, N5PMP, Carol, KD5ESM and her husband Tom, KD5BOW who is the 2nd vice president for the TARC.  Garry, N5YDH and last but not least, Ol'' General Dave, W5ATV.

As most of you are aware of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club works this event every year.  It is one of the times we can provide Communications for the community and have a great time doing so.  This is usually a very fun event to be involved with and as it turned out this year was no different.

Mark, KD5DLL

Running under the club call of W5IAS, Mark, KD5DLL kicked off the net and served as net control for the operation.  He set his mobile command vehicle up at the park at 21st and Jackson.  This operation was the first opportunity to try out his new mobile command unit he has been building.  As expected it performed flawlessly.

Mark, KD5DLL used the Great Tulsa Bike Ride to show off his newly constructed mobile command vehicle! (seen above) countless hours of well placed labor went into this vehicle, modeled after mobile communications van of the Sheriff's Department

They all got their assigned locations and headed out to get set up at their prospective rest stop.  Eddie, KD5JGA was a rover and spent the day traveling the route helping out where he was needed.  Helping out several riders through the course of the day Eddie stayed busy.  One minute he would be helping a rider, the next he was transporting someone with equipment problems or someone who was just to tired to go on.  He also kept up with the conditions of the road reporting some rough spots with large pot holes.

   George, AC5WX

George, AC5WX and his daughter Hannah, KD5NAO were posted at the beginning of the ride at rest stop #1. Things went fairly well for them and they secured rest stop #1 at 11:04 am.  Once secured the two of them went mobile to see where else they were needed.  They spent the rest of the day delivering fruit and refreshments to the other locations.

    Tom, KB5HMZ and his wife Becky, KC5MXI

Tom, KB5HMZ drew rest stop #5 as his assignment in the Sand Springs area.  From this location Tom set up a remote ATV station and transmitted into the ATV repeater.  I heard several comments about how well everyone enjoyed it.  Tom reported one rider going down and getting a bad case of road rash.  Needing some minor first aid Tom was on the radio looking for some one who could assist.  At about 11:45 am Tom reported he had someone at his location that had missed the turn and did the 25 mile portion twice.  They were to tired to go on and needed someone that could come pick them up and transport them  back to  the start finish line.  It sounded to me like Tom had a very good time.

Tom, KD5BOW            Carol, KD5ESM              Jim, N5PMP

Becky, KC5MXI was in the coordinators car running the route.  Most of the day  was un eventful until about noon, Becky called in for a pick up of an exhausted rider at Coyote Trail and the Cimarron Phone Company, Jim N5PMP went and got the rider and returned with him to his rest stop for refreshments.  Jim  was busy most of the day passing out refreshments, bananas and oranges.

Garry, N5YDH       Dave, KC5SEO (from the 1999 bike ride)

Garry, N5YDH was at Coyote Trail and 51 highway, Jerry,  KD5OEK was stationed at S. 49th West Ave. and Coyote Trail.  Tom, KD5BOW and his lovely wife Miss Carol, KD5ESM  were stationed at rest stop #2 where they didn't seem to have to much trouble and secured their post at 11:42.  Dave, W5ATV was eye balling the Budweiser truck real hard and before the day was over was seen giving chase to it at several locations around the course.

                   Dave, W5ATV                Dan, WG5Z                  

Dan, WG5Z, was heard working Montana on 6 meter while waiting on the bike riders to make their rounds through his post.  At one point everyone was trying to figure out if Dan was at the right place, Eddie, KD5JGA had to go look for him to make sure he was in the proper place.  Once found it was determined that he was parked under a shade tree working DX.  It's hard to have a 6 meter opening without Dan!  I hear from the DX God's that they don't allow it either!  The bottom line, No Dan, No DX.

     Doug, KC5ZQM

Doug, KC5ZQM was on a rover vehicle traveling the course and lending assistance where needed.  At one point he was heard reporting some flat tires and assisting the riders with transportation.

  Eddie, KD5JGA and his wife Stephanie, KD5JMD

Richie, W5OKL and Sean KD5MFQ didn't report any problems from their rest stops.  Rick, KD5DLM reported that the Highway Patrol had set up at his rest stop and was doing vehicle checks.  Upon hearing this Mark said he would stay as far away from his rest stop as he could.

Rick, KD5DLM

This year proved to be another great time for those who volunteered.  There were no serious injuries and we were able to lend a helping hand to some of the riders who were in need of it.  Several riders did wind up needing some assistance and in all cases, help was rendered in a timely fashion.

As a club we take on pet projects that we plan on working each year.  This is one of those projects that we look forward to working each year and plan to continue working in the future as a club.  The Tulsa Amateur Radio Club is always ready to lend our combined communications skills as a club project where ever it is needed.  And as a Club it is a privilege to help out a group that shows it's appreciation for those skills which make us so valued in our community.

To those who volunteered, it is with much appreciation that the TARC say: Thank You and a Job Well Done! Keep up the good work. 

For those of you who were unable to make this event, there is always next year. We would encourage each and everyone of you to get involved and volunteer from time to time to work an event.  It is very rewarding and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you were a part of something that benefited you community.  Isn't that what it is all about?  I think so. 

73 and see you next year!  DE W5TAZ

The Tulsa Amateur Radio Club Meets on the
3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 pm  in 
Jenks at the Tulsa Vo-Tech located at 
91st and Elwood Jones Air park Campus.
We invite each and every one of you to come and visit. 
You do not have to be a club member to come to the meetings

All Photo's were taken from previous events
copyrighted 5/2001 Dave Lugo, W5TAZ