Web Wish

We want your input! Seriously, take a few minutes to tell us what we are missing and what you would like to see online. Want some more in depth on how HF works? Lost in the maze of DMR , AllStar, and Fusion? Let us know where we can spend some time on focusing on web content for everyone to grow! Need more events or get togethers? This is your club so don’t just think about what’s going on the web… Those breakfast clubs get a posting on here as well!

Sell your stuff!!

Want to sell some of your old ham gear or just looking to buy something? Get your posting on the TARC site for free! Items posted here are from other area hams just like you and we are just trying to help. We got our first item up on the list so why not get your stuff listed!!!! Bookmark our classifieds page and check back often!    

5.4 Informal Net Follow-up

All, I thought I would do my best to write down some of the things that were discussed OTA on the net. DATES 5.15- TRO Copland Classic 5.18 – TARC Meeting @ TU 5.22 – Tulsa Tough Practice RUN ?? 6.13 – Tulsa Tough Event 6.26 – Field Day Bart had a discussion about the upcoming bike event and hoping that we will pick a time on 5.22 to discuss and run through all the hardware and bits and pieces for those new and returning SAG drivers. There is an opportunity to go visit the Copland Classic on 5.15. He […]

W5IAS – Events

Our events page has a lot of information listed including NETS that happen in and around the area. We only know about these because ham’s like you let us know to add them to our site. Below is a great one for you to check out that has been going on for over a year every day! Take a minute to click around, join one on the air, and let us know if we are missing any..   NET- RCWA DAILY N5XQK Memorial Boredom Breaker Net

President’s Corner

It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature… After a year of no club meetings, we were on track to have our first in person club meeting on Tuesday, April 20th. Well, like I said, it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature. We had a real cold snap and some rain earlier in the day so we had to postpone the in person meeting until our May monthly meeting. Mark your calendar for our in person meeting on May 18th at 7:00 PM. As before, we’ll have the TARC Comm trailer available at 6:00 PM for tours. The TARC […]

Weekly Net

The Tulsa Amateur Radio Club weekly net is Tuesday, May 4th at 8:00 PM on the 443.850 repeater. If you haven’t already checked out the new and improved Tulsa Amateur Radio Club website at www.w5ias.com please do so before Tuesday and let us know what you think. Any input will be appreciated. The TARC website is designed for you!

W5IAS.com Live Chat 5.2

It’s been a week and we would love to hear your feedback if you have a minute! Got an idea for something we should add or just want to come and say hello on a Sunday. I’m hoping we can have these once a month to better serve you the TARC family! So if you can’t make this one, stop by next month! Check out the facebook link below as that is where it is being hosted! https://www.facebook.com/events/1147877852324692

TARC Informal Net 4.27

The Tulsa Amateur Radio Club weekly net is Tuesday, April 27th at 8:00 PM on the 443.850 repeater. Paul, WB5ANX will be giving us a presentation on ARES followed by Q&A. Paul is the ARES Emergency Coordinator for Tulsa County. If you want to learn about ARES from an expert, join us on the net. You don’t need to be a member to join and check in.

QST – Clear Frequencies Requested

Clear Frequencies Requested for Net Providing 24/7 Coverage of St Vincent Volcanic Eruption 04/20/2021   ARRL.org The Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net (CEWN) has been providing round-the-clock coverage during the La Soufriere volcanic eruption on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Several neighboring islands are also being affected by the disaster. When responding to disasters and emergencies such as this, the CEWN utilizes 3.185 MHz LSB and 7.188 MHz LSB. CEWN is requesting that radio amateurs not involved in the volcano response to keep these frequencies clear. — Thanks to Ira Harris, VP2EIH Posted – Mark Conklin – ARESOKLAHOMA@Groups.io

Updated Radio Frequency Exposure Rules Become Effective on May 3

The FCC has announced that rule changes detailed in a lengthy 2019 Report and Order (R&O) governing RF exposure standards go into effect on May 3, 2021. The new rules do not change existing RF exposure (RFE) limits but do require that stations in all services, including amateur radio, be evaluated against existing limits, unless they are exempted. For stations already in place, that evaluation must be completed by May 3, 2023. After May 3 of this year, any new station, or any existing station modified in a way that’s likely to change its RFE profile — such as different […]