The First Annual TARC County Shootout

And the winner is.....


The QRP plaque goes to Dan, KD5JXT

The Rover plaque goes to Dave, W5ATV and Mark, KD5DLL

Congratulations to the winners and a great big thanks to all who participated. We'll do this again next year.

OBJECT : To work as many Oklahoma Counties as possible in a given time period.

All contacts will be on 2 meter FM SIMPLEX VOICE ONLY. No repeater contacts will be allowed. This band and mode will allow as many amateurs as possible to participate. We want your participation!

Contacts may be made on any legal simplex frequency. These 2 "sets" are suggested for scanning purposes. 147.525 147.540 147.555 and 146.535 146.550 146.565. These are all above the National Calling Frequency of 146.520. Contacts on the National Calling Frequency of 146.520 are not allowed! Stay off the National Calling Frequency for contest purposes please!

You can only work each callsign one time per county.

No multi-station "relays" are allowed.

Only one signal is permitted per operator at any given time.

Multi-operator stations may not include QSO's with their own operators.

Base station operators may work singly or in teams.

Rovers operators may work singly or in teams.

QRP entrants may use no more than five (5) watts (transmit) power.

Exchange: Callsign and county. Name, signal reports and grid square exchanges are optional.

Please note time of each QSO on your log, the county which you are in, and the county worked.

Ten (10) points will be allowed for each county worked. One (1) point will be allowed for each call sign worked. Computer disk or paper logs must be received by the judging committee by November 1st. No exceptions! Please note on log your name(s), call(s), and if you are base or rover. Also note if your are QRP or regular power and if you are a single operator or team. Compute your score by adding total QSO points and total county points. State your score on submitted log. In case of tie, CO-winners will be named. Submit your score in person to any judging committee member or by mail to: Tulsa Amateur Radio Club P.O. Box 4283 Tulsa, Ok 74159-0283 Winner(s) will be announced at the regular November meeting. The trophy and prize(s) will be awarded at the annual Christmas party.

The contest shall run for a 24 hr period on the second Saturday of October, 2000. Hours will be 0600 Saturday morning until 0600 Sunday morning. Rovers may start anywhere in the state, but no QSO's before 0600.

TARC will provide a "revolving" trophy to the winning (high score) operator or team with an engraved plaque stating names, calls, and year. The winner will keep the trophy until the contest the following year when it will be presented to the new winner(s). The club will pay the engraving cost each year. If you reside in another part of the state, the trophy will be engraved and shipped to you at the club's expense. You will be expected to return it (in person or by shipping) in time for presentation the following year. In case of a tie, winners will share the trophy possession time by mutual agreement.

The high score QRP operator will receive a wall plaque.

The high score single operator (base or rover) will receive a wall plaque.

The high score team (base or rover) will receive plaque(s).

All claimed power and scores will be by the honor system. The judging committee reserves the right to request further information from any entrant. All judgments by the judging committee will be final.

You need not be a member of the TARC to participate.  There are no entry fees for this contest.

Any further questions can be directed to Dave W5ATV @ 918-446-5957 or or Mark KD5DLL @ 918-835-1816 or Come join us !!!

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